What is your shipping policy?

I will ship orders as i roast.  Being a small one man operation working in my spare time outside of my regular job, i will ship asap.  I will only ship freshly roasted coffee so everyone can experience what a properly roasted bean tastes like fresh.


Regular ground shipping unless specified otherwise.


If anybody wants me to mail coffee overseas ($$$) drop me a line, we will find a way to get it in your face.


Is your coffee gluten free?

I would guess that because it isn't bread, there isn't gluten.  That being said, i'm not a scientist...


Real talk; Yes, it is gluten free.


How do I order wholesale?

Hit the contact me link on my page and drop me a line.  We should be able to work something out.


Any other questions?

You aren't sure the best way to brew the coffee, store coffee, sleep with coffee?  ask away, i'm sure we can figure out your issue.