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My mind was blown when I tried my first properly roasted cup of coffee. ever since, I have been striving to recreate the flavors.  

first, i experimented with a simple stovetop roaster which produced decent but inconsistent results.  I moved on to other methods which ranged from hair dryers to popcorn poppers, with slightly better results. Eventually, i caved and invested in a personal home roaster, thinking that would finally give me perfect results.  Boy, was I wrong.  After using the roaster for about two years I finally figured out how this machine works...  I'm a fast learner. 

go check out my brew guide (it's a work in progress) so you can make amazing coffee at home as well.


the beans are carefully selected from small-batch coffee farms.  I only roast one or two varieties at a time to keep the quality uniform.  all of the beans I roast to the level I find to bring out the proper flavors of each variety.  Many people don't ever experience coffee as its meant to be experienced.  Not that they don't think they are getting good coffee, its more that properly made coffee is really hard to find.

Trust me, I try everything.



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"Best coffee ever."

— My Aunt Diane

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